7 ways to encourage continuous improvement

Digital Transformation

Two types of change agents you need

There are some change agents who self-identify, the extroverts of change. These people take control of their own careers, and they will not wait for anyone’s permission to drive change. They learn something new in their industry or in technology and wonder, “Why can’t we do that here?” As a leader, you can either choose to curb those ideas or encourage methodical questioning of the status quo. The latter will inspire the change agents in your organization to redouble their efforts.

7 ways to nurture change agents

How can you find and nurture the change agents in your organization?

  • Encourage difficult questions. Good change agents are inquisitive and want to know why things can’t be made better.
  • Reward passion. Encourage an environment of change and recognize those that drive it.
  • Celebrate success. Give those that embrace and advocate meaningful change a voice in the organization.
  • Embrace failure. Recognize that some risks will not pay off. Seek lessons that can be applied to future projects.
  • Share your vision. Articulate your vision and create a North Star to guide others. That helps to focus and channel the energy.
  • Walk the talk. Act as a change agent yourself, leading by example. It’s not enough to talk about change.
  • Listen. Welcome constructive feedback, listen to critics, and tweak your approach when needed.



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