By Raj Vattikuti, Executive Chairman

There is a big shift in how businesses are growing and responding to opportunities in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. It is the emergence of digital business, which is focused on simplification and using real time business intelligence to create engaging value-added products for customers. This approach isn’t expensive, doesn’t take long, and will not disrupt the current business. The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the importance of developing a digital business capability that can deliver specific outcomes.

Although the majority of business leaders say digitalization is a company priority only a fraction has been successful in…

By Twastree Chakravarty

The pandemic is not a permanent state. This too shall pass. People will go back to movie theatres when it’s not dangerous to be in close proximity of strangers, but Over the Top (OTT) platforms (Netflix, Prime, et al) will continue to be mainstream because they are convenient and inexpensive. As hard as it may be to imagine, we will stop hoarding toilet paper and sanitizer, but the prolific use of mobile apps to order groceries or replace paper menus will continue to grow. …

By Nayan Naidu

Application Onboarding to DevOps Platform made simpler and faster!

Altimetrik’s DevOps driven simplification is a unique DevOps approach that decomposes applications into smaller integrated components to increase application delivery speed and quality. One of the key principles of DevOps automation is following the “continuous” practices which include continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous delivery/deployment and continuous monitoring, to enable the continuous improvement of the application and related practices.

Every time a new project team needs to be onboarded in an enterprise environment, every member needs access to various toolsets that enable them to work on the project. In…

by Murugavenkatesh Karunanithi

Digital is not a buzzword anymore. From ordering food, daily supplies, reading magazines, to watching movies, consulting with doctors or banking, everything is on your fingertips within the comfort of your home. Almost all industries have gone through massive digitization in one way or other and haven’t spared anyone. From being one of the channels as part of an omnichannel strategy, digital has become a must-have channel for any business.

But how do you create a digital culture and manage the organizational change associated with it? Going by the conventional definition, they say digital culture is a…

by Raj Vattikuti

Chief Executive Officer

Technology is changing the world at a speed never seen before. This is dramatically changing customer behavior and their expectations from businesses, who are struggling hard to keep up to the tide. Business transformation is what every enterprise needs today to stay relevant in the near future, which goes beyond the purview of what digital transformation alone brings to the table.

This is also changing the way business has traditionally engaged with technology, which was a lot more in silo and disparately connected. Today, technology is the key driving force in the way businesses…

by Raj Vattikuti

Chief Executive Officer

This article was published on The Technology Headlines.

Data is fundamental for any business to see real transformation. Relevant data can help in transforming businesses and achieve real outcomes. With data, we are able to understand customer behavior and personas in a much better and clearer way. Build services and various opportunities to serve different segments of customers by analyzing their behavior and personas. The right perspective towards data is that it has to be relevant, and technology has to be simplified to derive outcomes.

The other aspect is to connect different business entities…

Anil Somani

Chief Transformation Officer at Altimetrik

According to a study conducted by Upwork (via CNBC), over a third of U.S. workers are part of the “gig economy.” They’re driving for rideshare services; crafting clothes, jewelry and home goods for online marketplaces; delivering food for on-demand delivery services; and picking up graphic design and writing projects on freelancing platforms.

While this way of working might seem simple, the rise of the gig economy is forcing the payments industry to rethink much of how it handles business-to-business (B2B) transactions.

The payments industry is adapting on the fly, working to complete a…

Anil Somani

Chief Transformation Officer

How you approach digital transformation depends on where you are in the journey.

There are companies that have yet to begin and risk disruption and extinction. Others are undergoing digital transformation to stay relevant and maybe even compete.

Other companies have embraced digital transformation, had a first-mover advantage and are now looking for ways to maintain that momentum and innovate in new ways to stay ahead of their competition. Tools, technology and cultural transformation are table stakes for them — topline growth and differentiation are the goals.

As the chief transformation officer at Altimetrik, I…

By Raj Sundaresan

Chief Operating Officer

Hiring Candidates

Software has eaten the world — car companies and banks now compete on the quality of their software tools, and whole industries are undergoing disruption. Certainly, technology is a big part of this digital transformation, but none of this is possible without people with software development talent to make it happen. It is no surprise that the competition for tech talent is stiff. NASSCOM predicts the AI, Big Data and Data Analytics talent gap to grow from 62,000 to 1,40,000 over the next three years.

So if digital transformation is so important and technical…

By Vipul Valamjee

Data Engineering leader

The devil is in the data in the digital era. And the key to unlock the power of data is Data Analytics. We know enough about the pitfalls or the dark side of indiscriminate data mining. But, what if this power is harnessed responsibly for the greater human good? This is possible through responsible Data Analytics that can solve several social problems.

This calls for accurate data collection and analytics. Here are the steps to achieve accuracy in data analytics and its application through real-life use cases:

Sufficient data is a must and needs…


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